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AZH Podcast про Kaki King

Музичний покдаст про майстерну американську гітеристку й віднедавна співачку Какі Кінґ. Mp3-файл розміром у 47,6 МБ і тривалістю 35 хвилин можна завантажити тут. А нижче – слова з кількох пісень, які в подкасті склали компанію інструментальним композиціям.

2 O’clock

2 O’Clock you’re still sleeping
when you wake up you’ll be in such pain.
and I wait with the plate, piled high with my love
that you wont eat from

Love, you think you can contain me
but the future is already known
we give up our rest, and the best of us though
we’d be better off alone

There’s no need to be so terrible
when you know I would do anything for you
This is so laughable, whatever happened to
knowing that this was forever.
File off the sharpness of feelings so
I’ll be protected from all of your evil
when you come round my love, I’ll be gone, finally done
never to come to your rescue.

з альбому Dreaming Of Revenge (2008)


I Never Said I Love You

You’re so beautiful, so strange, so lovely,
That’s the truth.
But if you were the one, baby, you’d’ve heard it by now;
But I never said I love you

You are a dream-come-true for someone,
But not for me.
Still, can’t we have fun, darling?
I can’t say what I don’t mean
You give me more than I can contain
It hurts to know the truth,
But this will never go your way
I never said I love you.

Sweet thing, come to me
Sweet thing, come to me

з альбому …Until We Felt Red (2006)


Life Being What It Is

You put a note in my pocket, Said be good to yourself
and that was all

Life being what it is, we all dream of revenge
Open your eyes for a second, just to roll them at me
I stared straight into the sun, something to concentrate on

and if you turn it on you’d find, I’ve written you a thousand times
You would do anything, you’d give up everything for god knows why
I just can’t stay till your gone
I wont wish you well, I wont see you off, I wont try to call
if I see you in my mind, I’ll say to you
It’s not your fault

You said I’ll see you in September, but thats not long enough for me
You put a note in my pocket, so it would take care of me
but that was all

з альбому Dreaming Of Revenge


Музичний подкаст про американську гітаристку Кетрін Елізабет Кінґ.


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